With 15 years of professional experience, I am well equipped to design and implement exciting personalized events for my clients.


Through my experience managing a wide range of events, I have established strong relationships with the leading players of the Hungarian service industry, and I am able to secure the best vendors for my clients’ events.


I am at my client’s service from idea to execution.


I expect top performance from both myself and event vendors, which guarantees client satisfaction and ensures the highest quality service.


I have a proven track record working as a team leader at a prominent event-management agency, running site operations at an event venue, organizing private events, running events at foreign destinations and at major festivals, and managing events for foreign clients.


The photos were taken at events for which we were the event organizers, as well as the shoulders of the event.

„We are lucky to have found you through Zsófi... Thank you for the help and attention you gave us. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you again! We wish you continued success and a good day to you too!”
Sándor Ferenc, a Tetrabbit Kft. ügyvezető igazgatója és tulajdonosa
As part of the HUF 380 million investment supported by the Economic Development and Innovation Programme, Tetrabbit Ltd. received a new cutting and packaging plant, the opening and press conference of which had to be professionally organized.
Reception of important guests: Dr. István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Baja, local government representatives, and state ministers. Full service: ceremonial ribbon-cutting, inauguration, decoration, coordination of opening speeches and programmes.
„Thank you for all the help, the great ideas, and the creative programme proposals.”
Egervári Ildikó, a Vitafort Első Takarmánygyártó és Forgalmazó Zrt. marketing- és kommunikációs vezetője
Organised a light-hearted staff picnic with mulled wine and fun social activities.
In the spirit of versatility and renewal, the event had to come up with a set of proposals for programmes that would help to create a true community of people working in different fields, in line with the latest trends.
„Thank you for the professional teamwork. We know that sometimes our requests and the circumstances are extreme, but once again, the impossible has been realized. ;) Despite the tight deadline, you have once again come up with innovative solutions that reflect the spirit of IMMO1.”
Kovács Tibor és Lizák Ottó, az Immo 1 Franchise Hálózat tulajdonos/ügyvezetői
In nearly 10 years of working together, we've worked together on numerous team-building events, award galas, film shoots and commercials, B2B events, home show presentations, and stand designs.
IMMO1 has always strived not only to be a leader in the real estate market, but also to represent itself in an innovative way through its events and presentations. This is why they always insist on the latest advertising and event technology solutions, which are delivered to the brand time after time.
„We couldn't have made more last-minute changes, but thank you for trying to solve the problem and concentrate on the solution, and for another successful event.”
Goneth Jácint, az UP Advertising alapító-tulajdonosa
UP Advertising was commissioned to organise a client party for Immochan-Ceetrus's rebranding, where, in addition to the employees, the biggest clients were also invited. Even though the French parent company had to comply with fairly strict image constraints, we still managed to come up with a completely unique concept.
After the first round presentation with a very tight deadline, we had to approach the task in a very different way. The calm management and professional organisation of the event was a race against time due to a manufacturing error the night before the event, which meant that the key element had to be remanufactured.
„Given that we had no experience organizing an event like this, we were especially excited to work with the HRSNY EVENTS team. We were not disappointed. You proved to be the best possible choice.”
CFI Ézsöl Gábor, a CFI Hungary ügyvezetője
They did their work with great competence and thoughtfulness; not even the smallest detail escaped their attention. We started organising in time, and we tried to be there for most of the tasks, to be active participants in the implementation. Yet, when we arrived at the event site and could hardly keep track of the whirl of tasks, we realized how complex it is to manage such an event, and that it would have been impossible to make it happen without a partner as prepared and competent as HRSNY EVENTS. Our partner not only did the previous organisation tasks and the necessary background work perfectly, but also handled situations that arose during the event and required immediate solutions with competence and confidence. They implemented an unforgettable event, one that our guests have been talking about ever since, and for which we received a lot of appreciative feedback. Thank you for that! Hope to work with you again!
We trusted HRSNY EVENTS to organize an event that was really important to us. Our company has joined the international network of Corporate Finance International (CFI), a group of companies providing M&A advisory services, which is actively present in more than 20 countries. Each year, CFI holds its annual conference in one of its member countries, where member companies are represented by senior partners. As a new member, we were delighted to host the three-day event, this gave us the opportunity to organize a prestigious evening for our guests, which we entrusted to HRSNY EVENTS.
Our programme was intended to serve multiple objectives. First of all, it had to provide a networking opportunity, to which we invited our colleagues and foreign guests, as well as potential clients. Secondly, we wanted to be able to provide our guests with a cultural experience during the evening, to give them a taste of Budapest to complement the very busy schedule of the conference. Finally, the quality of the hospitality was of paramount importance to us.
„Throughout the organisation of events, we could count on a rapid response, with all requests handled very flexibly. Your communication with us is good and direct, you can be counted on for everything, and you have contributed a lot of good ideas to our past events. Thank you for always being there for us!”
Belényi Nikoletta - Marketing osztályvezető, Power Biztonságtechnikai Kereskedelmi Kft.
„In the second half of 2022, we asked for professional support to organize an exclusive award ceremony and a gala dinner. Despite the short timeframe, we received meticulous attention to every detail, were proactively involved in the implementation, and together produced a very successful event.”
Kelenföldi Rita - Central Mediacsoport Zrt senior brand manager
„Micsoda rendezvény volt, Dorka! Köszönöm Neked, hogy mindent beleadtál! A szervezés során és a rendezvény napján is magabiztosan vitted végig a lépéseket, amihez szükségünk volt, mert 250-300 fős rendezvény megvalósításában nem volt tapasztalatunk. Egy egyedülálló, hiánypótló rendezvényt álmodtunk meg ritka betegséggel érintett gyermekek szüleiként. Az álmunk megvalósult, minden a helyén volt aznap, mi csak élveztük az eseményt, mert a tartalmát tekintve számunkra fontos előadások hangoztak el. Egészségügy volt a téma: Charcot-Marie-Tooth, SMA és Duchenne témákban. Szóltunk a szakemberekhez, orvosokhoz, a fejlesztőkhöz, a szülőkhöz, betegséggel érintetthez; külföldi és hazai előadókat hívtunk, tolmácsoltunk. Tökéletes helyszínt és technikai csapatot ajánlott Dorka, akik hozzá hasonlóan a vártnál is többet tettek értünk. Ilyen jellegű esemény és az információ-megosztás mérföldkő az érintett alapítványok, a családok, a szakemberek életében. Felejthetetlen esemény valósulhatott meg egy fantasztikus csapat által, melyre rengeteg elismerő visszajelzést kaptunk a résztvevőktől, előadóktól. Minden a helyén volt, ám ekkora sikerre mi sem számítottunk. Hálás köszönet érte!”
Drávucz Rita - WonderFlora & CMT Alapítvány WonderFlora & CMT Alapítvány, Alapító